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Padded Harness for Large Dogs

If you are looking for a dog harness for large dogs that will resist strength of your powerful canine - you are on a right way as only our pet supermarket offers top class padded dog harnesses made for such dog breeds as Tibetan Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Kuvasz, Neapolitan Mastiff, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Scottisch Deerhound, Cane Corso, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard and other large dogs. Every product page has a special size chart and measurement instruction.
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You can find padded dog harness even for extra large canine in our store. All that you need is to choose a suitable dog harness for your large dog and to give us the right measurements so that we could pick up the ideal product for your great pet!

How to choose the right padded dog harness for your large dog? First of all, you have to decide upon the purpose of padded dog harness usage. Dog harnesses are different not only in material, but also in design and intended use. There are padded dog harnesses for large dog walking, training, sports, tracking, pulling work, IGP. You need to pick out the harness according to your large dog activities. It's a very important point because suitable padded dog harness will give maximum comfort for the dog and will help to achieve results you expect.
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Best Harness to Control a Large Dog

If you need padded dog harness for daily walking, you can choose nylon dog harness, because nylon is a heavy-duty and water-resistant material, so you can go for a walk with your large dog in any weather. Leather dog walking harness is suitable for dry weather as it is not desirable to expose leather to wet and water by contrast with nylon. You should take care of leather dog harness with special oils to keep its original appearance. But leather dog harnesses are also extra durable and most of them are nicely decorated, so you can use a large breed leather dog harness for walking, training and dog shows when it is dry and sunny outdoors.

If you're going to work with your large dog you'll need an ordinary padded dog harness made of leather or nylon, well stitched and riveted with welded or cast ring. You can use the same harness for dog walks.

If you want to increase the load for the dog, pay attention to the pulling harness.

Most of our padded dog harnesses are multifunctional, they are suitable for various dog activities. You needn't buy several harnesses - one for walking, another one - for training. You can buy one or two harnesses and do any kind of exercising with your large dog!

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