Dog Chain Collar - Which to Choose?

Which Chain Collar Is Suitable for Your Dog?

When to use a dog chain collar? If your pet pulls on a leash, disobeys, jumps or attacks animals and people, a dog chain link collar will help to correct behavior. Please, remember that dog choke chain collars are not for basic obedience training. They are not to make training process easier for you. Chokers are intended for behavioral issues correction of trained dogs. Chains are also used for dog shows and rings because they don't mar the impression and esthetics of a dog's exterior.

Dog Chain Link CollarWhat is a choke chain collar? It consists of links with 2 rings at the ends of a chain. The collar is put on over the dog's head. A fixed ring is meant for a lead fastening. A loose ring slides and tightens the chain around the dog's neck when it disobeys. The loop is immediately loosen when the dog steps back.

There are chain dog collars with small and large links. How to decide between them? Chain collar with small links will suit for a medium-sized short-haired dog. The links of the chain are weld and the collar is high-tensile. They are well-polished and the chain is harmless for the dog's skin. This chain collar model is also perfect for dogs with long muzzles. It won't slip off the dog's neck through the head.

Large link dog choke chain is for big and powerful breeds and for dogs with long hair. Fur saver is the second name of this type of collar. It doesn't damage or tangle long dog coat. Your dog will always look perfectly and be under reliable control with this break-resistant and safe chain. Its links are welded and honed down as well.

Large Link Dog Choke ChainBoth chains are produced of chrome-plated steel. The alloy is extra strong. The collars are made of steel, covered with nickel and finished with chrome. Thus the chains get shiny look and become resistant to rust. However, chrome-plated steel chain can get rusted if to contact with water constantly. Please, note that chrome-plated collars are not for dogs, which coat is tending to coloration.

The chokers' action is based on natural instincts. Such a collar is not harmful if to follow the next rules:

  • Never use a choke chain for a puppy under 6 months because of neck and trachea trauma risk.
  • Choke collar is put on the dog over its head and you need to measure the dog's head and neck circumference in the widest parts just below the dog's ears and a jaw line. Compare the sizes and add 2-3 inches to the larger one. This will be the ideal size of the collar.
  • Use the chain for dog training only and not in daily life.
  • Don't leave your dog unattended with a choker on.
  • Don't jerk the lead when you train the dog.
  • Please, consult the trainer before purchasing a choke collar and use it under his supervision if required.

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