Akita Inu

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Akita Inu

Akita Inu needs only top quality dog harnesses, dog collars, leads and other dog accessories to maintain its perfect look. Exactly such items are offered by our company. We pay great attention at comfort of an owner and a dog, so you can be sure your Japanese dog Akita will feel your care while walking in our harness or collar. Be confident you will get top grade dog harnesses, muzzles or leads for your Japanese Akita Inu, because we use only full grain leather, strong nylon and rust-resistant fittings to produce our goods. Non-toxic materials and safe polished hardware will bring comfort and pleasure to you and your Hachiko dog!
Measure your Akita carefully, using the instruction for harness, collar or muzzle sizing and fill all the measurements in the attributes during ordering. We are always ready to exchange the product if it doesn't fit your dog. We offer prompt global shipping from the producer directly! Contact us via our e-mail info@dog-harnesses-store.co.uk about wholesale or if you have any questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to help you in choosing and ordering the best equipment in our online store!
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Akita Inu is one of the most ancient dog breeds. It combines original prey drive and soft friendly character. It is vigorous and affectionate. If you are a happy owner of the Akita Inu dog, you must know that it is a powerful and active breed. You need reliable and durable dog walking and training gear to handle it. Akita Inu is a national wealth of Japan. Akita is incredibly temperamental and courageous, but, at the same time, is very obedient and constrained. There is even a monument to Akita Inu, the most devoted friend named Hachiko in front of train station of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Akita Inu Breed Characteristics

Akita Inu is a harmony in everything. This is true representative of east culture with its modesty, calmness and huge dignity. But the dog also has hot temperament. Akita Inu becomes active and sociable when surrounded by its family. This Japanese dog may win your heart only with its meaning look. The dog's eyes are full of wisdom. Akita's strong body and proud posture distinguish this dog among many others.

Akita is very active and cheerful, it is quickly related to the owner, but the dog needs to feel his or her mutual love and friendliness.

Akita Inu Breed Temperament

Akita Inu has temper of real Samurai. Grown-up dog is incredibly smart and wise. Uncontrolled aggression is not about this breed. The dog is always ready to protect the owners and the animals, which live together with Akita, from danger.

Akita Inu Harness of Nylon

Akita Inu stays is a puppy up to 2.5 years. There is no bottom to the dog's playfulness and agility during this period. Akita Inu also differs with its curiosity. The dog will surely study all objects in the house, will try to learn an origin of any noise and also will get to know what its owner does. Excessive curiosity vanishes with age, the dog matures, gains wisdom and experience like a human.

Akita Inu is calm and independent. The adult dog shows the emotions with moderation. However you can be sure that the kindest soul is hidden under this calmness. Pay attention, respect your dog and it will return your love.

Akita Inu Care

This dog isn't fastidious at all. If your Akita lives in the apartment, you need to walk it twice a day during 2 hours per each walking. Japanese dog Akita has beautiful short double coat, which should be combed twice a week usually and every second day during shedding.

Feed your Akita Inu with healthy and balanced food. The dog isn't particular about food. It is necessary to give Akita vitamins for wool and to watch its weight. Akita is obesigenic without exercising.

Akita Inu Training

This dog breed training differs not so much from a child education. It is also necessary to approach this process with all responsibility. Patience and tact will make training process successful. You will need much time and patience to train your Akita because of its slow growing-up. Training should be unhasting and stage-by-stage, otherwise you risk not to achieve necessary results.

Start Akita Inu training from the puppyhood. Be ready for possible difficulties, such as disobedience. This dog has willful and prideful character. If you have no experience in dog training, it is better to consult pro trainer, who will teach you how to behave with the canine.

It is forbidden to be cruel with Akita Inu and to exercise moral coercion against the dog, otherwise it may retire into shell, run your commands slowly or simply ignore them. Successful Akita Inu training consists of tenderness and step-by-step actions. Method of encouragement is perfect for Akita Inu. Treat, praise and stroke your dog after every successful action during training. Use only professional gear, which is safe and do-friendly for training your Japanese dog.

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