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Dog Training with Clicker: What to Begin With?

Clicker dog training is a free of stress method, which allows reaching more success in dogs' education. Dog training with clicker is considered to be the most successful nowadays.

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Clicker for Efficient, Fruitful and Stressless Dog Training

Dog training clicker helps to bring out new opportunities and allows honing the skills, tricks and basic dog commands to the utmost. Clicker dog training is based on conditioned reflex (behavior reflex).

Here is the principle of conditioned reflex formation:

1. Food is put in front of the dog. The dog is slobbered by the sight or scent of the food. It's a reflex response.

2. A signal is switched on, then the food is put in front of the dog, the dog is also slobbered by the scent or the sight of the food. But the behavior reflex is formed because of the signal before feeding.

3. One signal will be enough (without food) after frequent combination of the signal and food to cause slobbering. As you might have guessed, click will be the signal and slobbering will be changed for cheerful waiting in our situation.

Dog Training Tips with Clicker

Dog clicker training for the beginners is built in a certain way:

Step 1. Introductory Exercise

Find calm and quite place to train your dog to clicker. Click and give a dog treat to your pet at once (no more than 1 sec. is between the moment of clicking and giving the treat.) Repeat this exercise 15-20 times then finish your training and let the dog have rest and play.

Step 2. Continue Exercising

Everything goes the same way as in step 1, but dog chew treat should be hold not in your hand, but in dog training pouch or bag. Put the treat in a dog training pouch (bag) and come to your dog. Click and only then put the dog treat of the treat pouch and give it to your dog 5 sec. apart. You can also change time intervals.

Dog Clicker UK

Clickers Focus Your Dog's Attention on Training with Minimum Influence

This exercise is oriented to make it clear for the dog that nevertheless it gets the treat after the click, but it should wait sometimes for some seconds while you put the treat out of your pouch. This will allow you to use the most important advantage of clicker dog training in future: it will be enough for you to click at the right time. It's recommended to repeat this exercise on different days and at various trainings so that the dos understood the sense and began to wait about the treats itself after the click.

Step 3. Exercise Finishing

When the dog will master the above-noted exercises, you can start dog training with clicker directly. The dog understands the principle "click = success with further reward".

Let's analyze dog trick "Shake". Hold your fist before the dog. Click and give your dog the treat at the time when your dog touches your hand. When the dog will perform this trick at your command, there is no need to use dog clicker. Success of your training sessions depends on correct timing and motavation of your dog. There is no need to point the clicker at the dog to speed up positive effect of dog clicker training.

The Main Rules of Dog Clicker Usage

Be sure to read these rules to understand how to use this clicker for dogs:

Don't start dog clicker training if your dog has no conditioned reflex yet.

You have to confirm correct actions of your dog during the desirable behavior to inform your dog what the matter is in non-violent way with the help of clicker to avoid wrong bonds formation.

It's forbidden to use dog training clicker to attract or turn its attention.

Desirable behavior should be enforced with click. Then dog gets a reward. Thus the dog may achieve success on its own initiative.

Clicker for Dog Training UK

Clicker + Reward = Successful Dog Training

If you want to make great progress, use more dog treats and choose the best ones. It will be a jackpot for your dog.

The dog should have an opportunity to get a jackpot from time to time. This will stimulate your dog to training. Jackpoit is got only when the dog has broken through in training process.

The dog runs up to the owner (trainer) after the click. It's OK because the click finishes the exercise and this should be confirmed.

Don't pay attention to undesirable dog's behavior. Clicker dog training is free of penalty. Sensitive dogs, which train hard with clicker know that when theit action isn't approved by click that means failure. That's why it is better to divide the exercise by small parts so that the dog had an approvement by way of click oftener.

Clicker dog training doesn't oriented to obey by order. It's object is to form and reinforce the desirable behavior. You may start some dog commands training only when your dog shows the desirable behavior. This is a big lead of clicker dog training in comparison with usial dog training because the dog always associate signal with optimum achievement in this case.

There is no need to use clicker as soon as certain dog's behavior is under your control.

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