English Bulldog Breed

English Bulldog as a Symbol of England

As you know, English Bulldog is a national symbol in Great Britain. Now the pictures of English Bulldog in almost every home in the United Kingdom.

Protection Harness for English Bulldog Training

Bully with Padded Leather Harness Looks Gorgeous

English Bulldogs hide their intelligent nature under their fierce appearance. English Bulldog temperament is characterized by restraint, aristocraticism and loyalty. And what is more, all these epithets were given by the Brits! The announcemants like "English Bulldogs for sale" are very wide spread. No wonder: the breed fits very well for city life.

English Bulldog Harness with Studs

English Bulldog with Exclusive Studded Harness 

English Bulldog is known as a companion dog: it is loyal, sensitive, sympathetic, sensible, loves children and is absolutely not jealous. These qualities make the dog an integral part of the family. Being energetic, noisy and hot-tempered, English Bulldog will eagerly take part in all family holidays.

Those, who got acquainted with English Bulldogs, are sure that this breed is the next stage in dog's evolution as Bulldog's intelligence coinside with a developmental level of twelve year child! When Bulldog wants to be alone, it has a romantically-thoughtful "face". If Bulldog needs a company of his owner, it will never come to his attention if it feels, that it risks drawing away its owner. Unfortunately, not all the people have a such tact! They were, probably, Bulldog's fans, who had made up such an expression: "The better I know people, the more I like dogs".

English Bulldog Breed Care

Bulldog much depends on human. About 94% bitches have a difficult delivery through the Caesarian operation because of the constitution of their pelvis. Bulldog even can't scratch itself, so you need to massage your dog from time to time.

British Bulldog Collar in White Leather

Engish Bulldog with Awesome White Leather Collar

English Bulldogs live 8-10 years that is less than the age of the other breeds. But having a favorable living environment and genetics, Bulldogs attain the age of 15.

Loneliness and cruelty are two things that can turn English Bulldog into an inadequate beast, so you should address your English Bulldog puppy only with caress and good words. 

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