South Russian Shepherd

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South Russian Shepherd

We have a large choice of quality dog harnesses for South Russian Shepherd. If you don't see a necessary product on this page, feel free to look through the other categories. Our specialists will produce the model you like according to your South Russian Sheepdog's size.  We use only the best materials to make equipment comfortable for your White Russian Shepherd. If you have any doubts or questions, please, contact us via e-mail
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NEW ARRIVALS - South Russian Shepherd

South Russian Shepherd is a property and family guardian. Proper training is required for this breed. Strong leadership skills in combination with professional dog equipment will make a perfect protection dog of your powerful White Russian Shepherd.

Dog Harness Sport and Training Made of Nylon,
Bestseller in UK! French Linen Bite Tug for Grown-Up Dogs with
Strong Grip Protective Suit of French Linen for Mondioring
and French Ring Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen for Professional
Dog Training

We are sure that walking such a large dog like South Russian Sheepdog can be comfortable for both of you. That's why we offer you our collection of dog leads with Nappa padded handle to turn it into reality:

Braided Dog Lead, Designer Dog Leash of Leather
for Dog Walking New Braided Leather Dog Lead with Padded Handle,
Dog Leash Dog Walking Leash Top Quality Leather and Nappa
Padded Handle Nylon Dog Leash with Comfortable Material on the
Handle, UK
Some our South Russian Shepherd harnesses reviews from our customers:

1. Dear Shop Manager, the k9 harness for my Bushy arrived at last. I was waiting for it not very long, but I dreamt so to get it finally. Now we do not have problems with pulling, our trainer said that this harness is perfect for this and also we are pleased with the quality of your products as always. So thankfully Mary from UK, Sincerely.

2. Hello, the marvellous harness was received today! The stitching and soft felt padding are unbelieveable, I say so, because I could not find the proper quality in the local pet shops. Perfect one for training and walks!
From: Alexander, UK

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