Brass Chain Dog Collar or Curogan?

Choose Brass or Curogan Dog Collar

Chain collars of brass and curogan are widely used for dogs with long hair because their links are large and prevent coat damage. Long link fur saver dog collars are also suitable for large and powerful dogs because they are extra durable and high-tensile. You will be able to control your strong dog and the chain won't tear under heavy loads.

Curogan Dog Collar

Each end of the chain has an O-ring. A loose ring is intended for collar tightening and a fixed one is for lead attachment. You can attach the leash to the fixed ring and the chain will turn into a usual walking collar.

Curogan fur saver dog collar is health friendly and hypoallergic. This is the alloy of copper and tin, which contains no nickel. It is considered the safest one for dogs with delicate skin.

The collar doesn't color dog coat and is perfect for pets with light and white hair. Yet some dogs may have discoloration.

High copper content makes the chain very attractive. The dog will look stylish with such a collar on.

All the links of the chain are welded and highly-polished. The collar is strong and break-resistant. The chain easily glides and acts accurately and reliably.

Curogan collar is a great solution for dogs that are prone to allergy.

Brass Dog Collars

Brass dog collar is a high-quality accessory for big and strong breeds handling. Brass is copper and zinc alloy. It is soft, but hard-wearing. Long links doesn't tear off dog fur and the chain is suitable for short and long-haired pets. The chain is of eye-catching gold-shining look. It makes the dog look richly.

The collar won't color dog coat and won't traumatize its neck also. Each link is weld and honed down. Your dog will feel comfortable with this chain on.

Both chains are safe and harmless. They are intended for behavior correction and for dog shows also. It depends on your taste which chain to get for your dog.

Pay attention that chain collars are put over dog's head and should be larger its head circumference, but not to slip out when the pet bends its head or jumps.

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