Choose Dog Collar Hardware

What Hardware for Dog Collar to Choose?

Different metals and alloys are used for dog collar fittings producing, but not all of them are solid and safe. Which are the best suitable that will serve for long with a collar and won't do any harm to a dog?

Leather Dog Collar with Brass BuckleThe most reliable metal details are made of brass, chromized and nickel-plated steel. Let's clarify which one will suit your dog better.

Brass is copper and zinc alloy. High-quality brass contains no nickel and is hypoallergic. It is high-tensile and rust-resistant. However brass is darkening under long influence of the alloy with air and wet in spite of its high corrosion resistance. It is recommended to cover brass hardware with protective layer of colorless varnish to avoid their color change.

Brass fitments have luxury look due to their gold shining. Your dog will be looking sharp with brass details fitted collar.

Dog Collar HardwareNickel-plated steel hardware is sound and shiny, solid and reliable in use. Nickel plating protects steel against rust. Nickel-plated fittings have silver glance and are very attractive. Nickel coating provides extra strength, durability, long-term use of the details and keeps their decorative appearance.

Chrome-plated steel is glossy and resistant to break. Chrome plating makes steel rustless. This high-luster coating has double protection: steel is covered with nickel first and then with chrome to resist rusting. Yet chrome-plated hardware can corrode under constant influence of water.

Metal Hardware Dog CollarsChrome-plated steel is suitable for dogs, which coat is not colored with metal details. Nickel-plated steel does not color dog hair and is perfect for dogs that have no allergy to nickel. Dog collars with brass details are ideal for dogs with allergic skin.

The fittings from the metals above mentioned are the finest ones to equip dog collars. It depends on the purpose of a collar use and your dog's skin and coat color which one to get. Please, contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.