Cane Corso - Not a "Corsican Dog"

Cane Corso Breed Information and History

The name of the breed is not derived from the island of Corsica, though the etymology is Italian.

In the Italian language "corso" means strong and energetic.

Cane corso wearing a leather harness 

Breed History

Cane Corso was bred from Roman molossus and became a separate breed in 1983.

Though Cane Corso is not a new dog breed. Many dog breeders consider that Cane Corso is older than Mastino Neapolitano and some of them say Mastino is a Southern variant of Cane Corso.

Only one thing is clear: Mastino and Cane have the same roots and for some time they were developing in parallel.

Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso has never been a fashionable dog, though its exterior is a real example of high art. It is just astonishing how can perfect and harmonic body lines combine with outstanding working qualities.

Cane Corso Harness

Strong Leather Harness for Cane Corso Training

Cane Corso is more a Bulldog than a Mastino. It is independent, stubborn, intelligent, affectionate and obedient. A strong guarding instinct doesn't let Cane Corso turn into a dog that tries to dominate over its master, which often happens to guard and Shepherd dogs. On the contrary, Cane Corso is a loyal and obedient dog.

The temperament of Cane Corso resembles that of working Bulldogs. The owner is its god, the owner's family - the beloved family of Cane Corso. The breed is absolutely deprived of any unmotivated aggression bursts. Sober mind and intellect are qualities that make lots of people adopt Cane Corso. Cane Corso breeding is a highly profitable business due to very pleasant nature and antique beauty of this breed.

General Description of Cane Corso

A strong, beautiful, athletic dog with tightly fitting skin and good pigmentation.

Cane Corso Breed Standard

The crest hight is approximately 65 cm. The head resembles that of Mastiff with a wide, protruding forehead and a flat area between the ears.

Harness for Cane Corso

Cane Corso with Functional All-Weather Nylon Harness

The nose is straight, the pick of the nose is black (grey dogs may have lighter noses), the nostrils are well opened. The jaws are large, massive, the upper jaw is a little shorter the the lower one.

Cane Corso's ears are high, they are cropped to achieve the form of sharp equilateral triangle.

The eyes are oval, straight set, a little prominent.

The bite is tight, a scissors-like or a straight bite is possible.

Cane Corso Coat Colour

The dog's coat is thick, short, shiny, a little underfur is ok. Long and wavy fur is not allowed, this is a breed defect.

The colour is black, deep, reddish or light red is possible. You can buy Cane Corso in these colours, they are allowed. Little white spots on the chest and paw tips are possible.

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