Dalmatian Fire Dog History

Why Dalmatians Are Called Fire Dogs?

Dalmatians started working as fire dogs in the USA. These dogs were used by firefighters because they can cover great distances and their white coat with black spots is notable. Dalmatians ran in front of horse-drawn carriages and cleared the way with their barking. Thus Dalmatians were the first "fire alarm sirens".

Dalmatian Fire Dog

Dalmatian Is a Mascot of Firefighters

Dalmatians worked with firefighters due to their sharp sense of smell and heat resistance. Dalmatians were trained to stay one floor down of working firefighters not to get in the way in the case of sudden escape.

Dalmatians were trained to stand muster. Small fire helmets decorated collars of the best dogs. Visitors were always welcome to fire stations.

Horses were changed to fire engines in the early 20th century. Dalmatians didn't like them. Dogs missed horses and were afraid of engines. They were still at the stations but they had less work. Now dogs sat on running boards during a fire respond or stayed to guard stations.

Dalmatian Fire Dogs

Dalmatians Take Part in Fire Safety Programs

The best know Dalmatian fire dog was Bessie, who worked at Engine Company N 39. Today Dalmatian is a talisman of firefighters in the USA. One can see them very often during training or fire fighting.

Every American pupil knows the figure of famous Dalmatian Sparky the fire dog in a helmet. This is the official mascot of annual fire safety and prevention program for children, which is run by the National Fire Protection Association.

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