Down: Some Tipps for Training

Down: How to Train Your Dog this Command

To train your dog the command "Down!", you need two things above all: a sense of timing and a tasty dog treat. It is also important that you stress the command correctly.

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"Sit" and "Down": The dog must hear the difference

Dogs need clear rules and obey in most cases quite well to commands, they know. Enable the animals to do this, it is important that they understand the message clearly and unequivocally. Especially when it comes to the commands "Sit!" and "Down!" therefore the right stress is of major importance. Only then your pet can understand you. While "sit" is pronounced very shortly, you should drawl deeply "down". So say "Down!" and emphasize the command with a down-directed hand. Then the animal can distinguish clearly this command from the command "Sit!".

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Teach a dog to lie down at the right time

To teach a dog to lie down, you must make clear for the animal what you want it to do. It's particularly simple success when you connect actions of the animal with an unequivocal voice command. If you have frisked for example with the dog and it lay down to rest, then you say "down" at sight it lay. Repeat this process several times so that the animal can unequivocally associate the command with its behaviour. Ensure also with praise and treats for achievement.

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Small trick for the training of "Down!"

If the subsequent training does not succeed so well, you can try it with a trick: Sit on the floor and bend one leg so that the dog squeeze through under your knee. Hold a treat in front of the dog's nose and make sure that the dog gets it only when it is below your knee on the belly, after saying "Down!" Then praise your dog.

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