Why Does a Sled Dog Need a Harness? (Part 1)

Why Do You Need to Train a Sled Dog to a Harness?

Dog sled training provides breast and muscles development, correct set of dog limbs and angulations, development of maximum pulling power, facilitates forming of dog stack. After warming-up the dog with a sled dog harness starts pulling a wheel. Dog owner has to increase speed gradually. The dog will speed up its movements seeking to keep up with the owner. But when the allure is constant it is possible to speed up the dog at increasing range of movement.

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Forbid all the attempts of the sled dog to bring to gallop by dog leash, which should be fastened to the dog sled harness. The dog needs stops for having rest at pulled leash (it should strain at dog harness). Then, you should stack your sled dog according to sled rules. Watch that the dog did not change the limbs position. This exercise allows fixing extended trot into the dog with maximum pulling and without changing the allure.

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At what age one should start the sled dog training? Since that moment when the dog keeps balance at running. As a rule, a puppy is trained to a dog collar and a leash at this age. It starts to pull because of curiosity, but it will do it no so hard being limited in movements.

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Besides, the dog collar and lead cause unnatural deformity of the puppy's body. If to put on sled dog the harness and to use a towing belt instead of the dog leash, the puppy will start developing maximal activity being free. Owner should run as fast as possible at that. In this case there will be none or little load on the puppy. Besides, it will strengthen locomotor system, develop breast and gain muscle mass. The most important rule at this age is not to use measures of compulsion. Then the risk of problems emergence is almost excluded as life instinct will prevent the sled dog from over-extreme loadings.

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