Dog Overheating - First Aid

First Aid for Dogs with Overheating

Most often, your dog can cope with the first stage of overheating itself, the main thing is not to disturb the canine. But if the dog has one of heat stroke symptoms, don't miss a minute and give first aid to your pet! Remember, the faster you apply first aid to the dog, the more chances you have to save its life!

Dog Overheating First Aid

1. First of all you need to lower dog's body temperature. Move the dog to the cool place. It can be a spreading tree if you are outdoors or a bathroom if you are at home. Put the dog in such a way so that its head lied lower than body. Thus you will provide blood flow to the head.

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2. It is important to allow fresh air inflow. Open all fanlights at home to make a draft. Turn on a fan or air conditioner if there is no wind. Put plastic bottles with ice near the dog.

3. The next step is quick cooling. Water dog's belly and armpits. Wet a cloth with cold water and wipe dog's paws, belly and ears. It is better to wrap up the dog in a wet cloth, but not the whole body.

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4. Water dog's mouth with clean water to be on the safe side. But don't take ice water because there may be a spasm of vessels as a result of rapid temperature change and the dog's condition will worsen. Watch the dog to drink water in doses. Control body temperature of the dog constantly with the help of the thermometer.

It is important "to lower" temperature gradually (during 1–1.5 hours). When dog's temperature is 39.5 active process of cooling needs to be stopped.

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It should be mentioned that these measures are done while you are waiting for a vet. You should call the vet immediately when you noticed any symptom of dog heat stroke. If it is possible, take the dog to the vet by yourself. Every minute counts when the dog is in serious condition!

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