Neapolitan Mastiff Breed

Mastino Napoletano or What Do We Know about Neapolitan Mastiff?

If you wish to have a reliable guard, than Mastino Napoletano is the right dog for you. Neapolitan Mastiff patrols a yard of its owner so faithfully that none stranger will pass along the dog. But friends and relatives of the owner are lot upon warm relationship of this huge dog.

Mastino Napolitano Harness

Gorgeous Neapolitan Mastiff with Large Leather Harness

Neapolitan Mastiff is very sociable and friendly in a family circle. It has excellent memory and all the qualities of a guard dog. Neo Mastiff doesn't attack without a command as usual.

The History of Neapolitan Mastiff Breed

Mastino Napoletano breed appeared in ancient days. Quite likely these dogs were carried round by the Phoenicians, which brought Mastiffs with other goods by their ships. Mastiffs had taken part in the battles along with warriors already in ancient Rome. These dogs were also used for wild animal baiting on Rome arenas. By the way, these massive dogs were kept not only by wealthy men, but also by peasants.

Then, in 327 B.C. Pliny wrote in one of his documents how a defeated Indian emperor had presented two Mastiffs to Alexander the Great.

Mastiff Harness

Royal Dog Harness for Noble Mastino Napoletano 

Much later in the medieval period Mastiffs still existed within the territory of Italy on different parts of the country. The dogs were mixed with Iberian Mastino under the Spanish rule in Naples. Thus the pure breed was lost.

After the Second World War the breed was under total extinction. Piero Scanziani, dog breeder and journalist, established dog breeding. He gathered few dogs with pure blood along all the Italy and mated them. Piero was bred an excellent exterior in his dogs. And the first Mastino Napoletano breed standard was laid down in 1949.

Mastino Napoletano Breed Characteristics

Strong and large guard dog with short limbs, huge and powerful head. Wrinkle-browed. Ears are thick and are carried hanging. The eyes are deep and their color coincides with the color of coat. Neapolitan Mastiff has a pincer or a scissor bite.

Neapolitan Mastiff Harness

Magnificent Neo Mastiff with Elegant Walking Harness

Heavy neck, wide breast. Thick tail, which is usually docked to two-thirds length. Hips are poised forward at 60 degrees. Height is 65-75 cm at the shoulders. Average weight is 50-70 kg. Bigger weight is allowed.

Coat is smooth of black, grey, pale grey, mahogany, tawny or tawny stag. Any of colors may be brindled.

Mastiff has a sling and an extended trot.

Mastiff is intended for guard. It's rather friendly. Likes outdoor games. The dog knows well its owner's friends, but if the dog is home alone, it can admit a friend into a house and leave him until the owner has come. Training is obliged. Attacks only in the case of danger. In the words of Mastiffs' handlers, the dogs are infinitely devoted and faithful.

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