Martingale or Choke Collar?

Half Choke vs Full Choke Dog Collar

Collars with choking effect serve for behavior correction of trained dogs. They are used if a dog refuses commands following, pulls on a leash, attacks or jumps on people and animals. There are full choke and half choke dog collars. Which one to choose for a young dog?

Leather Choke Dog CollarA dog choke collar is a loop with lock rings at both ends. It is put on over a dog's head. A fixed ring is meant for a lead fastening and a loose ring slides and tightens the collar around the dog's neck when it disobeys. The collar is loosen when the leash is not tightened.

A choke collar is an essential attribute for young dogs obedience training. It helps to douse excitement softly, which is caused by distractions and to accentuate the dog's attention to the owner's commands.

Choke collars are absolutely safe and don't make dogs feel much discomfort at proper use. The choker acts by means of intake air volume cut when jerking and thus douses burst of temper reflexively.

  • Never use a choke collar for a puppy under 6 months because of neck and trachea trauma risk.
  • Use the collar for dog training only and not for daily life.
  • Choke collars are not used for basic obedience training.
  • Please, don't leave your dog unattended with a choker on.
  • Don't jerk the lead when you train the dog to avoid too much tightening and causing pain.

Leather Choke Collars for DogsGet leather choke dog collar if you need a silent in action item. It consists of two layers: durable leather strap and soft Nappa lining. The choker gives you reliable control over the dog and provides the pet with utmost comfort due to a smooth padding. Leather is pleasant by feel in any season. It doesn't take on the ambient temperature.

Half choker dog collar is also a sliding loop, but with a chain that acts as a stopper. The collar will tighten around the dog's neck at undesirable behavior as well, however to a set point. This is the main difference between half and full choke collars.

Martingale dog collar is the other name of the item. The dog doesn't feel the collar action when the lead is loose.

Leather Martingale Collar with ChainMartingale dog collar benefits:

  • does not slip off the dog's neck through the head;
  • very convenient in use;
  • ideal for dogs that pull on the leash;
  • perfect for young and aggressive dogs.

The collar is fitted with two rings that provide reliable chain fixing and the collar tightening and a ring for the lead fastening. The rings and chain links are weld and high-tensile. The collar itself is made of full grain natural leather. It is hard-wearing and absolutely safe for the dog.

Please, note that every dog has its own bodily constitution and it is better to consult a specialist if you are doubt regarding one or another collar. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.