Dog Depression - Dog Ruins House

Why Does a Dog Ruins Everything in a House?

This time British scientists got worried seriously about dogs' behavior and health. The question is when the dogs are alone they are getting naughty – chew things and furniture, eat food leaving on the table and even foul. Vets make no doubt that mentally sane and adequate dog should keep calm and not to blow wig without its owner.

Dog Training and Behavior

Dog Needs Much Attention to Be Paid for Happy and Cheerful Life

Considering the fact that more than five millions of English dogs (50% of general population) turn their house upside down at least once in their life, vets and scientists under the guidance of Michael Mendl from the University of Bristol decided to study the behavior, cognitive abilities and mental sane of the dogs addicted to mischief.

Home Alone

Twenty four residents of specialized dog kennels took part in the experiment. When 7-12 days were left after the owners and the dogs had been settled into the kennel, the scientists made pretests to identify the risk group.

Behavior Training

Dog Has No Depression and Anxiety When It Is Not Alone

For this purpose every dog spent some time with a person (scientist), which had been wriggling into the dog’s favor. As soon as the contact had been approached, the person left. The dog began being impatient and anxious. The scientists defined inclination to disruptive behavior according to the dog's worrying response duration.

Bad Mood

The explorers made the second experiment next day. It was based on empirical knowledge that animals' behavior (humans' too) depends on their mood. The dog being in a low spirits is addicted to accept more pessimistic decisions. Optimists are without a care in the world. They are ready to run into difficulties and believe in success. Dogs' behavior is also depends on the mood according to the vets' article. The scientists specified with the help of special tests that the dogs from the risk group suffer from bad mood or even depression. These pets made out with their tasks worth, moved more slowly and showed nervousness. The results of the analysis didn't depend neither of the breed, nor of the age or sex.

Behavior Training with Harness

Dog Behavior Correction Goes Easier with Love and Patience

Though it's difficult to imagine how the scientist could fix the proper connection between the dog's behavior and some reflection gathering such a small group of various breeds. Nevertheless, the men of science had come to a conclusion that mischievous dogs turn everything in the house upside down not when they are happy, but when they are anxious or in a bad mood.

"The results we got allow us to help the dogs with problem behavior and probably to lower the percent of refuses from dogs", - writes Michael Mendl in the article Dogs showingseparation-relatedbehaviorexhibita “pessimistic”cognitivebias in CurrentBiology journal.

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