Play Training with Your Puppy

How to Train Your Dog to Play

The game for a dog is an opportunity to cognize the surrounding world and to learn the various vital skills. Being near their mother the puppies play with each other, and a soon as the baby will be brought to a new home, it will be ready to play practically in any moment, but after it makes itself familiar a little in new atmosphere.Best Boston Terrier Harness, Royal Harness for Boston Terrier

As soon as a new puppy will be brought home, one should purchase for it some toys, but at the same time it is not worth to buy new toys at once as soon as the puppy’s interest to old toys disappears.  Simply one should divide all the toys into several parts and from time to time change them; due to this the puppy will perceive them as new.

How to train the dog to play

If the puppy appears in the unfamiliar place without its mother and brothers, begins to miss a lot, that’s why the master must play with his pet in order to take the place of its peers.

Firstly one should draw the attention of the puppy, give him to sniff a new toy and let him for a while, so that it gets acquainted with it.

One may throw the toy on the floor, try to pick up and push with a leg, and the puppy will want very rapidly to take part in the game.  One should concern oneself that the toy will be of not very large size, that the puppy takes it easy in teeth.

German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Dental Ball 2 3/4 Inch UKDuring the game one should try to imitate the moves of other puppies, to create semblance of fuss, pat the baby on the withers, turn over and pull on the legs, but not so strongly in order not to make pain to puppy.  In order that self-confidence appeared by the puppy, one should yield from time to time to it, let the baby think that he has gone a winner in the fight with the master’s hand.

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So, how to train your dog to play different games? Both small children and other family members can play with a baby, but  at the same time one should strictly watch over in order that the dog does not become a toy for children. During the game of the puppy with children one should watch over that children do not cause pain for the puppy, because they cannot always measure their power.

The game is one of the most efficient methods of young dogs training, and also way to establish friendly connection between the puppy and the new master. During the walk on the street one should involve the pet into mobile games – one can catch up with each other, throw a stick and at the same time work at the command “Fetch”.

One should play with the puppy every day in order that it does not feel boredom and at the same time work through the main commands. We have a lot of great strong toys to play training with your puppy and adult dog:

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