Weird Dog Behaviour Explained

Why Dog Acting Weird


Have you ever been astonished with your dog behaviour? It has acted weird for sure leaving you perplexed or shocked. We are going to explain the most common variants of behaviour our pets surprising us with.


  1. Coitus imitation. Some dogs, both boys and girls, imitate coitus with toys, furniture or an owner’s leg. But such behaviour cannot be called abnormal. Your pet just tries to distress. You must not punish your dog for this, otherwise there will be problems with breeding in future. You’d better to help your dog make away with excessive energy and go for a good walk, play tug games. Physical activity will help your dog to calm down.

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  1. Grass eating. Dogs eat some sort of grass. It looks strange for us, but your pet clearing its stomach in such a way. There is no harm, but if your furry pal eats too much grass, you should see a vet.
  2. Rejections eating. It is normal for a dog to eat its rejections. But if your pup eats them to hide from the owner, you should not be so strict when to accustom it to toilet. As the dogs’ digestive system works very effective, your pet gets a lot of useful substances eating excrements. But it is bad when your dog can lick you face after eating such a “treat”. And that’s why you should wean your pet from this habit with the “Stop” command.

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  1. Jerking while sleeping. Sometimes your dog can move with its legs while sleeping as if it chases someone. It can be supplemented with not loud barking and whimpering. It is highly likely that your dog sees a dream. What a dream? Our pet leaves it in a secret for the nearest time.
  2. Sniffing. When dogs meet they sniff. Such an unpleasant process is a normal way of communication.
  3. Chasing a tail. It looks funny when a puppy chases its tail. Your furry friend just tries to explore its body. But if a dog gets stuck on its tail, you should consult a vet. The problem is likely in lack of physical activity of your dog. You should spend more time to walk your pet.

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  1. Passion towards rubbish. Some dogs take for the biggest happiness to dirty themselves in rotten or waste. It is a way to conceal their smell from prey, otherwise a victim will know that the hunter is coming. You should cut off such actions with the “No” command.
  2. Back rubbing on the floor. When your dog sits on the floor and starts rubbing its bottom, it can be a sign of worms or anal glands problems. Show your pet to a specialist.
  3. Reverse sneezing. This phenomenon is rare and can be observed in such breeds as American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Boxer, British Bulldog, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Mastino Napolitano, French Bulldog, Newfoundland, Presa Canario, Pug, Shar-Pei. An animal makes a short grunting-like sound, stretches its neck, strains its chest muscles and stands still. It seems that the dog is out of breath, but it is not true. The episode appears suddenly and disappears suddenly. You can help your pet in such ways: 
  • Stroke you pet upon its throat – it will swallow and release muscles.
  • Immobilise your dog’s head and close both nostrils to make your pet open its mouth and swallow air.
  • Do both at the same time. If you observe reverse sneezing too often, visit a vet.

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  1. Shepherd instinct. Natural instinct of shepherd breeds is drive to control, gather, organise a herd. Reduce the force of the family members and animals pasture instinct with physical exercises.
  2. Loud sounds fear. A dog can be afraid of fireworks, thunder and other loud sounds. This problem can be solved with active participation of an owner.

You can be a watcher of really odd dog behaviour. But you as an owner can control it and help your four-legged friend bounce back. Tell us the examples of your dog acting strange and we will expand this list. Pictures and videos are welcomed.