Captivating Tracking

 Tracking with a Dog. What to Do and What Accessories to Apply.

The term of tracking is probably heard  for us people as the most amusing area of application for the dog's nose. One finds hardly anybody who has not watched already that film, in which a police commissioner Rex followed  the track of a criminal or a missing person with sniffing. The good news: your dog is able to do this also – and he already does it and probably every single day: for example if he runs during the walk just obviously after the track of a dog friend or after the neighbouring cat or he discovered a wild track in the forest.

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The thing that the track work is a matter to learn for many dog owners  is still "a confidential science" and it is extremely hard due to the fact that absolutely above all that we are the people with our limited smelling organ as real strangers in the world of smells, and we can hardly understand most things what our four-legged friends have just in the nose. The track work is also a sporty discipline, e.g., it is often taught in the dog's sport application: there is the value placed on the fact that the dog with the nose on the ground  tracks step by step and on the exact way as a human.

Surprise your dog once with the following play:

You need:

  •     a nice assistant whom your dog likes
  •     a dog harness and a long lead (ideally a 7-10-metre-long towed lead or field lead)
  •     about two metres long lead, to which something tasty is fastened, e.g., a small sausage
  •     a little bright forest as a practice area

And thus it will be carried out in such way:

  • You hold the dog, your assistant takes the string with a sausage.
  • Your assistant goes directly to the forest and drags the sausage behind himself about the ground.
  • After 10 steps straight ahead your assistant raises the sausage, and the dog does not track on the ground from now any more.
  • After a total of 30 steps straight ahead the assistant turns left to the right or, runs other 20 steps and then hides at the end of the track behind a bush or a tree.
  • You and your dog wait meanwhile in the start. Definitely your dog wishes nothing more ardently, than to follow the nice sausage bearer. Do not speak to the dog during the waiting – this would only deflect him. As soon as you think that your assistant has come to the goal, leave the lead loose and follow your dog who marches off with certainty immediately. Hold, besides, the lead in such way that your dog runs before you about 3 m  – the rest of the lead trails behind you about the ground.
  •  Let your dog simply make. Say nothing. You will see: he will start with certainty from all his senses to find your assistant and his sausage – and, besides, will follow automatically the track as well!
  •  Your dog has come to the goal? Then there is a small welcome party with a sausage-festival menu for the successful tracking professional!
 If it does not work in the right way:
  •  The dog runs off enthusiastically, then  if he is completely on the wrong track? Stop simply quietly, hold carefully the lead and say nothing (your dog could interpret "no"  under circumstances as a ban of the trace search!). Maybe your dog finds the right way. If not, start  simply a new attempt on still "untouched" area.
  •  The dog runs only one short piece on the track and then runs across country to shorten the corner and to dash on direct way to your assistant? Clever dog! The wind left for him the smell of assistant and sausage and it is probably already in the nose, and he achieves with upraised nose on the shortest way to his aim. This is worth a reward in any case  – and you should pay attention simply to the fact that you have the wind in the back.
  •  Your dog does not know surely what he should do. The independent work is unusual for some dogs at first. You can help your four-legged friend, while your assistant leaves only quite a small piece, disappears behind a shrub or around a corner, and your dog may follow him immediately. One can play this on a footpath also excellently if your companion simply preruns a piece and fights then in the bushes. Maybe it motivates your dog as well, particularly if your assistant pulls the sausage through the whole distance long behind himself.

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