Rules for Dog Walking in Winter

Rules for Dog Walking in Winter
Helena Seel, 30. October, 2013

Helena Seel

Dogs, which have to ease nature otdoors, are in none too good a plight in winter. There are simple rules that can help you to organize the dog walking in winter properly.

Sure, different dog breeds react differently on subzero temperature. The Husky or Caucasian Ovcharka feel well under cold conditions, and show dogs like Chihuahua, dogs with shot legs like Dachshund and some Terriers feel discomfort even from light frost.

The non-compliance of elementary rules for walks with dogs in winter can result in diseases. As a rule they rise from undercooling. That is why it is very important to take care of maximum comfort of your pet outdoors. Alternate lifting of legs and trembling signalize that you have to go home right away. Besides, it is better, if you take small dogs into your arms or put them in your bosom, where the pet can get warm faster.

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Careful owners don't walk their pets without fit dog clothes. For some reason many people think that only show dogs need clothes, but in practice feed beatches and old large dogs require additional protection too. That's impossible to walk without clothes a Dachshund, which has problems with spine.

Winter dog walking must be short. For nature easing and light workout it will do 15-20 minutes. It is important that the dog moves and doesn't stand still. For legs protection you can grease the paws of your dog before going outdoors, that will prevent injuries from contact with ice and chemicals that are used for processing of sidewalks.

How to Warm up Your Dog

In case if the undercooling is not avoided, you have to do the following: lay the dog in a warm place and lay hot-water bottles around the pet. For keeping warm you can also use covers and woolen shawl. The temperature of water in bottles may not be higher than 40 Celsius degree. Offer the pet warm broth or warm milk. Observe carefully the body temperature of the dog; in case of temperature drop call right away the vet, because delay with medical aid can cause setting a stone rolling and even fatal outcome.

There are no prizes for guessing that with proper attention and right care many problems with dogs' health can be avoided. Don't leave the dog in a closed car without power waiting for you, because the temperature in the car is going up faster than you think, and the dog, which has no possibility for movements, will freeze quickly. Coming back home after a walk, dry the dog carefully with a towel or blow dryer. And the most important thing: remember that the life of the four-legged friends depends only on you and your care, because unfortunately they can not take care of themself properly.

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