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Find the best choice of Collie accessories at our store! Fancy dog harnesses, designer dog collars, strong leads and other pet supplies from the producer. We use only high quality genuine leather, strong nylon and rust-proof hardware to supply you with reliable Collie equipment. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us via our e-mail
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Collie is a loving and devoted dog. It gets on very well with children and other dogs. Playful and active, this pet won't let you get bored! If Collie is the first dog in your family, you are welcome to look through our articles. You will find a lot of useful information about dog upbringing, training and care.

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Collie Dog Collar UK

Underline Your Collie's Beauty with Our Pet Accessories

Collie was bred for herding a livestock, but now it is mostly a family companion. But its potential must be unleashed or you will have problems with your Collie chasing cars and herding children. This breed masters such dog sports as obedience, agility, lure coursing, etc. Find dog accessories for training your Collie profesionally:

Groovy Ball Dog Toy in Hot Pink Color for Puppies,
Small Breeds Clicker for Dog Training, Basic Dog Commands
Learning Helper Wooden Dumbbell for Dogs Retrieve Training and
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Collie has two types of coat. Long-haired are called Rough and short haired are called Smooth. Both needs regular care and grooming. You should brush Rough Collie twice a week, Smooth can be brushed once a week. We have effective tools to make care of your Collie easier and faster:

Dog Grooming Comb Chrome Plated for Long-Haired
Canines The
Trimmer for Dog Nails Clipping, Top Quality

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