Dog Eat Rocks - Why and What to Do?

What Makes a Dog Eat Rocks?

Some dog owners despair when see their dogs eating rocks. Such a habbit is dangerous for dog's health. Rocks aren't digested, they hurt the dog's teeth, soft oral, stomach and intestic tissue. Moreover, the dog can gag and choke over with rocks. 

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This dog's behaviour is called a perverted appetite, which is determined by a variery of reasons. The most frequently it's iron deficiency. Gastrointestinal upsets like heartburn, which the dog tries to calm down with the help of rocks, may also provoke an unhealthy appetite.

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Various diseases, such as diabetes, are also cause rocks eating. It's necessary to visit a vet to diagnose the dog's health by examining the whole body. Behavioural problems are also the reasons of perverted appetite.

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Lonely dog may draw its owner's attention this way. And it doesn't matter this is good or bad. Or maybe the dog wants to chew something from time to time, this is particularly so with puppies when they have their teeth cutting.

How to Combat This Habbit? What the Dog's Owner Should Do?

There is no point to scold your dog in this case. And if the reason of such a behaviour is to attract the owner's attention, then a monish will be a praise for the dog. Yor pet will keep doing this devotedly.

When the dog is caught in the moment of rocks eating you can frighten it with a water gun or by making noise, but the pet shouldn't see whom it had been frightened by.

If your dog is bored, you have to walk it oftener, to go to the country, to play with the dog.

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If a puppy has its teeth cutting and it needs to chew something, have some dog chew toys at the ready. They have to be changed and hidden from time to time so that the puppy had always new dog toy and it hadn't been distracted by foreign objects.

You have to change the dog's ration, check the balance of ingredients in its food. High-fibre dog kibble will be good for the dog.

But you have to consult a vet before changing your dog's ration. There are also meds, which are helpful in perverted appetite. You have to watch the dog while this problem is solving. It's better to walk the dog with a muzzle and on the leash to prevent picking up and eating rocks and other things.

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