How to Understand Your Dog

Learning the Dog`s "Language"

Puppies squeal and yelp a lot expressing satisfaction or complain of something in such a way. Dogs become more silent with age, however, they still have many manners from their puppyhood.

For example, when the dog puts out a paw, it expresses friendly disposition in such a way. If the dog nuzzles, it asks to stroke it. Barking, yawling, a wealth of by-play of the dog`s muzzle and tail modulation - all these are the dog "language", that serves for communication with people and other dogs.

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Listen to your dog and sum up how rich and emotionally coloured is the dog barking! If you learn to discern tones of your dog barking, than you are always keep up with the dog and know what happens with it when it`s some way from the house (a stranger came or something is happened).

Dog lover will recognize the voice of his dog among the other dog voices. One can identify some dog breeds by their barking.

The main emotional poses of the dog:

Calm - ears and tail are unbraced, mouth can be half-opened with a "smile".

Worrying - ears and tail are raised, corners of mouth are lowered down.

Aggressive, warning - hackles is raised, tail in air, lips tremble, teeth are showed.

Aggression, that runs into offence - straignt and stressed body, deaf roaring, hackles is raised, hindpaws are strained.

Fright - tail is through the paws and is incurved to the belly, ears are set back, hindpaws are a bit shortened.

Fear - ears are set back, tail is through the paws, the dog lies low.

Submission - the dog lies on its back, paws are to and fro, mouth is half-opened, ears are set back.

Joy - the brightest and various expression, ears are set back, back and tail moves from side to side, mouth is in "smiles".

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When the dog is very joyful it jumps and tries to lick your nose.

If the dog squats, chooses dark quiet corner or huddle itself up under the table, than your dog has psychological or even health problems. And it don`t feel easy itself in this house.

If the dog sleeps on its back spreadeagled - it feels safe, loved and protected.

The dog is a congregatory animal and if the puppy stays at least with a cat at home – he suffers from loneliness not so much and barks less often.

Don`t lock the dog in one room (in the hall or in the kitchen) when leaving your home, let your dog move free across the flat and choose the place for itself where it will be waiting for you.

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Give your dog some toys. You must tell the dog: “Guard!” The dog likes responsibility and work.

When the radio in switched on it calmes down the dog – it makes effect of dog owner presence.

If you leave in the late evening switch on the light in the room where the dog likes to sit.

Many dog owners prefer to stay and wait when walk their dogs (or to chat with other dog owners), allowing the dog to entertain itself (on a small ground as usual).

The dog when did its duties finds a stone or a PET bottle (they spoil the dog`s teeth!) and starts barking on a single note. And this may last for hours.

If you`ve noticed such hability of your dog, you should move with the dog during walking.

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