Wire Dog Muzzle UK Universal for Every Breed Walking, Training

Hello, I received the muzzle about a week ago and I just had no time to write real review because I had never done this before, but I'll do all in my power. I'm very pleased with your service and the product I got from your company. My Staffy is a puppy still (18 months) and she may be a bit noisy and dominant to other dogs. I work at her control and she changes day by day. But I decided that dog muzzle getting wouldn't go amiss. Thus I will know that if she defends herself, she doesn't blow at the first opportunity and doesn't bite other dogs. I still teach her to the muzzle so that not to frighten the dog as it was with previous fabric muzzle, which she tried to put off constantly. That muzzle's shape was totally deformed. I'll send you photos of my glad dog with the muzzle on and with her toy when she feels 100% comfortably with it. Many thanks for the muzzle and your good service. Everything was done in terms. I hope I'll land more customers to you in the following years. Keep up the good work! Once again, thank you.

Lewis, UK, 08/04/2016
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