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Labrador has become so popular due to a perfect combination of exterior and working qualities, which allow the representatives of the breed to be ideal companions and to serve for the good of humanity. They are always in the top of "the most devoted", "the most obedient", "the most hard-working" ratings in the view of owners and professional breeders.

Labrador Retriever Breed History

The breed history originates in the 19th century on Newfoundland. It is considered that Labradors are evolved from Newfoundland dogs, which were used by fishermen to pull nets ashore. The dogs also saved their lives. In the early 1800s a few dogs were brought to England, where breeders started their all-out breeding by crossing with Curly-Coated Retrievers, English Foxhounds and Setters. The first breed standard was established in 1887 and recognized in the early 20th. Initially only black Labradors were recognized as the standard. The dogs with chocolate and yellow coat colors were recognized at the end of the 20th century.

Labrador Harness

There are several versions of the breed name origin. The first theory is that the name is connected with black dog coat of Labrador ancestors resembling Labradorite (rock). The second - the dogs are named after Labrador Island. The third - the name came from the Portuguese word "hard-working", "worker".

Labrador Dog Breed Characteristics

This is a rather large, strong and athletically built dog. Labrador can work for several hours straight despite even bad weather. That is why Labrador is used as a gun dog, which is able to chase a fowl on water or a game in a field for a long time in the most difficult conditions. It is a universal dog: its physical qualities and resilient temperament allow working as a SAR and guide dog, and intelligence - to be an excellent companion for the owners. Labrador has no aggression towards humans and animals.

The main thing that distinguishes Labradors and how it is possible to explain why they are beloved by the owners - mental stability, agile mind, devotion to family members and friendly communication with children. The dog understands what it should do and run a command by intonation of a human. A small fault is loving attitude towards all around including strangers. Labrador is not a guard dog.

Labradog Guide Dog Harness

Labrador Retriever Character Traits

The dog is gentle, friendly, active, playful, smart and sociable. It easily adapts to any housing and natural conditions, stands cold and can live anywhere. Labrador is always ready to please the owner and is friendly with people around him. It is impossible not to love Labrador Retriever, it is adored by all. The dog responds with great devotion and tenderness. A bird is perhaps the only controversial companion for the Labrador because the dog is an inborn hunter, which is specialized in fowl fetching. But there are examples of friendship between Labrador and birds. This confirms once again that these dogs are lavish in love.

The dog needs communication and attention, it cannot stand loneliness, literally suffering in the absence of the owner.

It should be remembered before getting the dog that Labradors are rogues and hellions and it is not easy to handle such a pet for a senior or too young breeder. Labrador gets along well with different pets and animals. The dogs like to hold in mouth different objects that is why they need many chew toys.

Labrador Dog Collars

Labrador Retriever Dog Training

Labradors are among the smartest breeds. Often they learn a command at 2-3 attempts and remember it for life. Training ability remains to old age.

Self-abandonment is one of the problems. Labradors are easily distracted and often try to get away to play. Sometimes they try to get more treats for minimum work. Labradors are easily trained to be companions, gun dogs, assistance dogs, sniffer dogs.

Labrador training is started from the first day you took the puppy at your home. Call the dog by its name with the command "Come". "Place" is the second basic command. Show the puppy its place with this command and then repeat it when move Labrador to have a rest. The command "No" is used to prevent forbidden actions.

3-6 months is the best age for fruitful training. Labrador training should be accompanied with treats. The dogs are lovers of dainties and the treats are the best reward for them. Give the treat for the correct command running only.

Labrador Dog Toy

Train Labrador before feeding. Choose quiet places where nothing will distract the dog in the beginning. However a well-trained Labrador should run commands on the street, amidst noise, abundance of scents and in the company of other dogs, so after a skill reinforcement at home it should be repeated on a walk.

Do not continue with the new commands until the puppy runs the previous ones with confidence. 5 minutes are enough for the puppy 2 months old. Gradually the time is increased to half an hour. Finish training with success. Let the puppy to run a command it knows well if it has a hard time with the one you teach it. Training ends with the command "Walk".

Labrador puppy training involves proper interaction with the other people. Don't let the dog to meet guests too joyfully. Use the commands "Down" and "Place" staring from 3 months. Let the dog get acquainted with new people when they have already taken their places.

Labrador Dog Training

This breed is trustful and shows aggression to strangers seldom. A trained dog should not take food from outsiders or pick it up from the ground. Attempts to take food from the ground are stopped by the command "No" ("Leave It").

Labrador training should not be based on treats only. Don't forget to stroke and praise the puppy. The words "Well done", "Good boy", "Good girl" are also important. It is forbidden to beat the dog, strict intonation will be enough.

Do not change the commands. If you started teaching the puppy the "Come!" command, don't express it in other words. It is strongly recommended to use classic commands in their classic version. It is also important on trials.

Spare no time to train and take care of your puppy - your efforts will be paid off by having a loyal and smart friend!

Review of Fantastic Designer Leather Dog Harness for Labrador

Labrador is a very kind, loyal, and active breed. As any dog your pet has its own special body peculiarities. We have created the instruction how to measure your dog for a harness, collar or a muzzle. Follow the tutorial that is given in each product description and send us your pet's size. Our specialists will select the best item for your pooch!

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