British Bulldog

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British Bulldog

Fordogtrainers offers an excellent choice of British Bulldog supplies:

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  • There are harnesses, collars, leashes, muzzles and other accessories for Bulldog walking, training, sport and shows.
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English Bulldog is a classic representative of the Bulldog breed. The breed name reveals its intention: bull + dog. Bulldogs emerged in the 17th century to use it for the popular English pastime: bull and bear hounding. Later on the dogs were no longer used for hounding, they made use of its capabilities for tracking.

Nowadays English Bulldogs are rather companions than service dogs. Their short legs quickly get tired and the dog prefers soft pillows to walking in the morning dew. Though English Bulldog can take part in different dog shows.

English Bulldog is a middle sized chunky dog with a powerful and compact body and a massive head, appearing to be a strong and energetic animal. The dog's muzzle is its most significant body part: it is upturned and deep from the eye corners down to the corners of the mouth. English Bulldog's jaws have to be massive, wide and square formed. According to the standard, the dog must have prognathism, i.e. the lower jaw must be bigger than the upper jaw.

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Our online pet boutique offers English Bulldog walk harness for all purposes. We created each Bulldog harness uk in accordance with the unique Bulldog body structure. Look at our great set of Bulldog harnesses and choose the one you need for your activities. Each English Bulldog walk harness will serve almost eternally.

It is not recommended for the leather English Bulldog harnesses to be used in the wet conditions, you should use special oil to care them. Anyway all our leather dog harnesses are well-oiled. As for the nylon dog harnesses - Bulldog can even swim in such a harness and no harm will be brought to the item.

Our English Bulldog walk harnesses are the best choice for your royal dog! Before you buy a harness for your Bulldog, make sure you have measured it right. Please read useful info about how to measure your dog to buy the right harness.

Choose suitable leather dog lead or nylon dog lead for English Bulldog walk harness.

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