• Model: C98##1048 Adjustable Nylon Collar
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Adjustable Dog Collar for Belgian Shepherd of Nylon with Buckle


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Adjustable Dog Collar with Quick-Release Buckle for Belgian Malinois. Durable All-Weather Nylon Collar

This adjustable dog collar is a perfect variant for Belgian Malinois activities. You can use it for daily dog walking, exercising, all kinds of dog training or vet visiting. Moreover, the dog collar can be used even in wet or rainy weather because it's made of water-resistant nylon. Get this all-purpose nylon dog collar instead of several and enjoy walking and training your Shepherd!

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Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar

Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar for All-Weather Dod Activities

Adjustable Dog Collar

Nylon Dog Collar with Quick-Release Buckle Closed

Strong Dog Collar

Nylon Dog Collar with Quick-Release Buckle Opened

Key qualities of this Adjustable Dog Collar:

  • durable nylon strap
  • wet and water-resistant
  • quick-release buckle
  • nickel-plated rustproof fittings
  • adjustable size
  • O-ring for lead fastening
  • extra strong
  • light weight
  • hand stitched

Functionality of this Adjustable Dog Collar:

  • all-weather dog walking
  • dog obedience training
  • dog control
  • dog exercising

Characteristics of this Adjustable Dog Collar:

  • Material: nylon
  • Sizes: 16-26 inch (40-68 cm), 20-30 inch (50-78 cm)
  • Width: 1 inch (25 mm)
  • Hardware: nickel


  • black

The nylon strap is very strong so it won't stretch and resist even the hardest loading at dog pulling. Our nylon dog collar is equipped with a quick-release buckle for easy putting on/taking off the collar. By the way, you can regulate the size of the collar when your Malinois loses/gains weight or grows up. The collar also has an extra strong O-ring to fasten a dog lead. You may be sure, your Shepherd won't get off the lead in most unexpected and undesirable moment with this adjustable dog collar.

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Classic Dog Collar

Belgian Shepherd with All-Weather Nylon Dog Collar

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