Dog Bite Jacket for Mondioring, French and Belgian Ring

Dog sport goes many ways. We will find out Mondio also. THANK YOU FDT Fordogtrainers for great support. For the future breeding in this direction GRENZTURM Kennel collecting and stores semen of FAROUK of BRAVEHEART ORADEUM an upcoming very promising young dog with great results until now in Mondio on vet med university Vienna Prof.Dr.Schäfer Somi. Thank you, like always for your kindness to the owner Dr.Flavius Bajan and Alex Bondar the breeder (world champion with the mother of Farouk), fatherline Farouk KNPV line like well known Arrack's home KAMATZ - QUATRO and French-Belgian ring lines. Fitting perfect to my offspring from Anika Mont St Aubert with pure Deux Pottois behind...motherline best IPO bloodlines. THANK YOU FDT Fordogtrainers for great support. KYNOTEC is my Club.

Roman, Austria, 10/26/2018
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