Padded Leather Dog Harness for Malamute, Strong UK

Hi everyone, I wrote a review a few weeks ago and I felt compelled to update my review since the time of writing it. Since reading my review the company got in touch with me via email. The company have done an excellent job in trying to rectify the problem we had ( that being a little to big underneath- read other review) I have changed the star to five which is what I wanted to give in the first place because the product and material is first class. The initial star before left off was because I couldn’t tighten the under carriage. However the company have kindly supported us and agreed to send me another part. I would like to say in all fairness I never complained once, just my Alaskan Malamutes size differed to the measurements we went with. So I am glad I had the opportunity to write another review. Thank you so much for all your help. Excellent customer service, in fact outstanding.

Michelle Parnell, United Kingdom, 07/09/2019
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