Tactical Dog Harness for Rescue Dogs

Thank you Julia and please tell your technicians I appreciate the time they spent looking at my issue. Which really wasn't an issue at all :-)

I want to share a couple of pictures of my dog Bo in the harness. Bo is a ten year old GSD that has degenerative myelopathy (DM) in the hind quarters and it has also affected his front legs. He has not been able to walk for the last two and a half months. So I have him on pee pads and roll him and laser him and take care of him the way a person who was bedridden would be taken care of. But I worried about his internal organs and thought it would be good to try to get him upright for short periods of time during the day. I found a Hoyer lift, used to move people in and out of beds, for a very reasonable price and then started looking for something to lift him in. One day I thought about how they move dog in planes and helicopters and such and so started looking for such a harness. And your tactical harness came up. It works beautifully. The straps over him are a bit short for him but we didn't need them. Just needed the front and back ones. Bo's grandma just gave him a new toy for his birthday and so he was very interested in it in these pictures and really didn't mind the harness or being in the air for his first five minutes. Just wanted to share and say thank you very much for having such a product. It will certainly work well and for a long time for him. Thank you :-)

He was barking at his grandma telling her he wanted his toy.
We also tried to position Bo so he would put just a little bit of pressure on his legs. He really didn't this first time though.

I don't do Facebook or twitter or any of those things, but if you want to move all or part of this over as a review I'm good with that. And Bo would be, too :-)

Donna L. Sage, Colorado Springs, USA, 07/26/2016
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