Bestseller! Leather Dog Collar with Handle for Agitation

Everything is great with this collar - processing, functionality, maximum convenience for the dog and the owner. We wondered at accuracy and love of the manufacturing. This inspires respect. Two leather layers are stitched with thick threads, they are special, look like a cord, maybe even waxed and the tips are carefully sutured to prevent fraying. The collar edge is rounded, it does not injure skin or coat, it is nice to the feel. The logo is beautifully engraved on the leather strap. High ergonomics, everything is thought out. A massive buckle is placed on the neck from below and creates a center of gravity, so the handle always remains at the top. There is wide leather lining to avoid metal touching the skin. The buckle is well-rounded and polished, it is impossible injure or hitch. A large and firm D-ring for a leash is placed horizontally. I like this variant more because a snap hook moves along the ring to the right or left when the dog pulls on the leash. The collar practically does not move off. This effect is also achieved due to the collar width as well. Fine width creates additional comfort and more gentle effect on the neck.

Tatiana, Kremenchug, Ukraine, 02/10/2021
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