Designer Rolled Leather Choke Dog Collar for Obedience Training

I bought a choke collar and a leash from you. 2 years ago a neoplasm was found on my dog's neck, which was removed surgically. The operation was deep and in a wide area so fur does not grow there on my Pyrenean Mountain Dog. I used a chain collar before the operation, now I use a special cover for the dog's neck to avoid the chain contact with the operated area. However, the chain touches skin sometimes. I was looking for a soft and strong collar, so I decided that a leather one would be the best. It will a load for the dog if a leather or an artificial collar touches the neck that's why I was looking for a collar of round leather, but there were few such models and no a proper size. I found the round leather collar of a suitable size in the Internet, but it had been USED. I was desperate to find the collar I needed, but I found your site suddenly. In addition, it was possible to buy not only a collar, but also a leash on your website. Therefore, I did not hesitate to buy both the collar and leash. I put the goods in the shopping cart and issued a purchase immediately. The price was reasonable. There were no complaints. And all we had to do was to wait for delivery. I realized that the collar had been made of high-quality material when I got the parcel. Nice hand work, pleasant to the touch. I was impressed with the products and the excellent quality-price ratio. I use these products every day when I walk with my Rio. They are very convenient to use, I take good care of them.

Takashi Kurashige, Japan, 04/28/2021
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