Anti-Bark Dog Muzzle of Leather for Canines with Long Snout

Dear company, the muzzle was delivered. Everything was fine at the customs. The muzzle fits very well. Snout width is ok, there was no need to make it less. At the very least, there works a saddler nearby, who can make it a bit wider by leather stretching. Leather thickness or strength is not a problem for him. But we aren't seeing a necessity in this now. We don't go in for training while we teach the dog to wear the muzzle. We will move to the country for several days or weeks when our dog is finally got used to the muzzle. The product is well processed. Leather is thick and durable. Quick-release buckle is super! Keep up the good work and best regards to Israel!

Lars, Germany, 11/16/2016
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