Police Leather Basket Dog Muzzle, Top Quality!

Large muzzle that I got is very good, the dog can breathe and drink freely. It even prefers this muzzle to soft textile one. The muzzle is excellent with extra strong metal insert in front. It satisfied all my expectations with thick leather. The muzzle also smells good. Return and exchange to smaller size were perfect. All my letters were also answered to. I HIGHLY recommend you to ask muzzle sizes before to order the size of the muzzle you need because there are certain sizes, which are not produced individually according to your dog's measurements. They can describe you the sizes they produce. This will save your time and money for exchange. I hope this will help. This muzzle is worth even a bit more money because your dog will be able to breathe and to open its mouth with comfort and it really does its work for everyday or for professional use. I highly recommend.

Gary, Ashford, UK, 10/23/2017
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