Dogue de Bordeaux Harness of Nylon for Multipurpose Use

I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and I am the owner of a beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux Scarlett. Since I lost my 6-year-old Dogue from cancer, it had been a nightmare to walk Scarlett. She feels that she is leading me and wants to run quickly and with strength. I walk her with a crutch because of my trauma and it makes walking difficult for both of us. This harness is amazing!!!! This is really the best purchase I ever made and I spent a lot here on harnesses that were ineffective. I have got it today and we were on a walk and she walked next to me perfectly well!!! One harness, one walk and we enjoy again!!! Thank you once again for the wonderful device, there is nothing better to find!!! Best regards.

Marg, Melbourne, Australia, 08/05/2020
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