Herder Dog Muzzle Wire Basket Design, Fully Leather Padded

I got the muzzle nearly in 3 weeks. I hadn't known that it would be sent from Israel at first. This influences over so long time of shipping.
My first thought: it is rather heavy thing! This muzzle is about 450 gr in weight and it is much heavier than a "standard muzzle". Processing seems very well. Nose area is padded enough with soft lining, but it is not so smooth so that the dog couldn't feel the wire. My dog's nose end is after padding end and this gives it enough space for front protection. There are a lot of options for adjustment to fit perfect size of the muzzle (on cheek sides, between eyes and around the neck). Besides, neck strap has a loop for additional fastening to a collar. The buckle helps to put on the muzzle quickly and easily. The dog needn't waiting for long and the muzzle isn't adjusted as the one with straps.
Now about minuses, which I have been noticed at this moment:
straps are rather durable initially and they should be used for longer time to make them freer and more comfortable. All the buckles in my muzzle are black (except for a quick-release one) and thus they differ from those on the images. By the way, there is no buckle at the bottom of the neck strap, which is showed at the picture. Furthermore, it is impossible to feed the dog when it is muzzled, it is up to the picture.
This muzzle can be recommended at this cost. Shipping time annoys a bit, of course, but the muzzle is worth it to my opinion.

Leonie, Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany, 02/26/2018
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