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Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever is a kind, cheerful and playful dog. This breed became a symbol of a happy family in many countries. There exists even a kind of a tradition to adopt Golden Retriever in young families.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed History

Golden Retriever is originated from gun dogs, which had been bred in Britain in 19th century. Golden Retriever's ancestors are Tweed Water Spaniel and straight-haired Retriever. Bloodhound, Irish Setter, St. Jones Water Dog of Newfoundland and wavy-coated Retrievers also took part in breeding.

Harness for Golden Retriever UK

Golden Retriever Temperament

This dog is energetic optimist. The dog is friendly to children, adults and other animals apart from birds, which Golden Retriever may chase due to its hunting instinct. Retriever is very clever and quick-witted. It is easy and pleasant to teach this breed, dogs are very happy when they are trained. They try to please their owners by running all their commands. The difficulty is only in Retriever's playfulness. Dogs are often distracted during training, especially in puppyhood and young age, which lasts 3 years. Golden Retriever is the very dog, who doesn't want leaving its puppy habits and likes to have fun even being a grown-up canine.

Golden Retriever Care

The dog is easy to take care of. But there are some special aspects in the breed care. The first one is ears. Retriever has dropping ears, which should be examined and cleaned regularly to avoid sores from dirt and parasites. The second one is Retriever's hair with dense undercoat. It shouldn't be washed without necessity. Brush your dog's coat once a week and 2-3 times oftener during shedding. The third one is Golden Retriever feeding. The main point is to calculate its food amount per feeding to avoid excessive weight. If you feed your Retriever with natural food, give the preference to meat and vegetables and not to cereals. It is forbidden to feed Golden Retriever pasta. It will cause obesity.

Golden Retriever Leather Harness UK

The fourth point of Golden Retriever care is physical exercising. Walks on a leash aren't enough to keep your dog in good shape. Retriever needs off leash running in nature or in places of dog walking. These dogs love going to the country, especially in the places with waters. Golden Retriever adores swimming and water games so don't forget to take fetch dog toy or Frisbee disc for your dog.

Golden Retriever Training

The dog has a lot of skills, which may boggle imagination if they are developed properly. This is an ideal companion, but every dog needs pass the course of obedience training so that the owner could control its behavior. It is better to train Retriever while playing. Never be cruel to your dog, otherwise you may lose contact it.

Golden Retriever has spacious intellect, sharp sense of smell and perfect learning abilities. The dog adores fetch training. It depends on you, what skills you want to develop in your Retriever and our task is to help you in choosing proper equipment for your dog!

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