The Muzzle

How to Choose and to Train Your Dog to a Muzzle?

Our task is to breed well-controllable city dog or a dog integrated in the society.

The law requires that dog being in public places must be in a muzzle without fail. And this is absolutely fair.

Many people do not go to "school" with their pets only because the dog is not trained to a muzzle and it is not allowed in a bus or trolley-bus without it. Besides, your dog in a muzzle is no more insured from troubles connected with picking up different vile things on a street.  But very often it develops into the hardest and not infrequently into fatal diseases.

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Wearing a muzzle is utterly unnatural for dogs, but with a proper patience and knowledge one can train a dog to a muzzle for a very short time and also in such a way that just simply looking at it, it will be jolly wagging its tail. Let's learn first of all how to choose a muzzle.

First of all, by its proportions it must match the structure of the dog's head; therefore the muzzles are made for specific breeds. Those, whom it is difficult to identify the breed of their pet, need to resort to fitting.

The main rule is that the dog should be able to open a mouth and lick a nose with the muzzle on. Otherwise, the muzzle is small for it and on a hot day, a heat stroke or a heart attack threatens a dog, because the dogs, unlike us, do not sweat and they cool the blood through the protruding tongue. Generally, dogs endure heat much worse than cold, so the muzzle should not prevent the dog from free breathing and even drinking. Choosing a muzzle pay attention, whether it does not press on the eyes, does not rub the nose.

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It has been already mentioned above about the need of the ability to wear a muzzle for urban dogs and how to choose it right. Besides, it is good obedience training. Now let's deep into the theory of mastering this skill. Just have to mention that the most important in this process is not to cause negative emotions concerning the muzzle.

That is why even when the dog completely masters the skill of wearing a muzzle, do not use it in situations of deliberate infliction of pain or discomfort.

For example, when doing vaccinations or injections, during the inspection and cleaning of ears, while trimming the claws and so on. If the dog is aggressive, then at the time of such procedures simply wrap tightly the mouth with a bandage.


  • Engage in learning at home, in calm, familiar environment for the dog. Show a muzzle for a dog, give a sniff, explore, but do not let him play with it. Put a dainty inside the muzzle and feed like from the bowl. Vigorously praise the dog.

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  • Repeat this exercise during first few days. If the dog responds very badly, you have to feed it breakfast and dinner, using a muzzle like a bowl. After all, our task is to ensure that the mere sight of a dog's muzzle is associated only with pleasant things.
  • At the next stage of training while feeding dainties accurately throw a strap on the head, immediately tuck one piece through the hole in the muzzle, and bear a short pause (several seconds), remove. During the next sessions increase the time a little.
  • Be creative, think what your dog likes most. Every dog loves when you put on your boots and pick up the leash. Use it as another positive reinforcement. Put the muzzle on a dog and begin to prepare for a walk.  Remove it coming out of the front door.
  • In the future increase the time staying in a muzzle.

The most frequent mistakes:

The dog tries to remove the muzzle with paws.

Maybe you have moved to the next stage of training too early.

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Do not force events. At a time when the dog tries to escape from the muzzle, you should not immediately take it off. This will be understood by the dog as an endorsement of its actions. It is better to shift attention, taking a favorite toy or, for example, by issuing the command "down" and only then remove the muzzle and give a dainty.

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