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If you are in search of quality dog products for Newfoundland, we offer:

  • Super strong and extremely comfortable Newfoundland supplies of genuine leather and nylon. Our items will lay emphasis on your dog's beauty and strength.
  • There are Newfoundland collars, harnesses and other accessories for walking, training, service work, sport and shows.
  • We have prompt global shipping. You can always return or exchange the product that doesn't fit your dog. Contact us about wholesale or if you have any questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to help you in choosing and ordering the best equipment.
  • We have flexible discount system and special offers for our loyal customers, retailers and distributors. There is free products test for our bulk customers when order payment is done. Personal support is provided for every client.

5 of 5 Stars!Thank you very much for the handmade leather harness for my Newfoundland. The quality is first class and your customer service and delivery are also highly recommended. Here's a picture of our Newfoundland wearing your top class handmade leather harness. Many-many thanks, I will recommend you to anyone looking to buy a quality harness etc for the dog. Joe, UK
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The Newfoundland is a large and powerful dog breed, which was used as a working dog originally. Nowadays Newfoundlands are used as service and working dogs and also at water rescue. These dogs are called "Gentle Giants" but in spite of their huge size and menacing look they are wonderful family companions. Newfoundlands are sweet-tempered, loyal, responsible, kind and patient dogs that's why they are great with children. Even in well-known and loved by children story "Peter Pan" was a nanny dog called Nana. Yes, it was the Newfoundland! The dogs are really kind-hearted, friendly as well as protective. Your family will always be in safety with such a huge dog.

Newfoundland Harness UK

In view of such dog breed characteristics, we designed incredibly strong and hard-wearing dog harnesses and collars to serve your powerful Newfoundland for a long time. The dog harnesses and collars are made of selected genuine leather and heavy-duty nylon. These materials are absolutely safe for dog's health. Moreover, every dog harness or dog collar for Newfoundland are designed to give the dog stylish look and to underline its powerful exterior. Your Newfoundland will feel supreme comfort, look great and be under your reliable control with our dog harness or dog collar!

How to make online orders of dog products?

It's very easy! All that you need is to follow our advice:

1. Size your dog according to the instruction of harness sizing.

2. Fill all the measurements you got in the attributes at the top of the page.

3. Contact us via our e-mail if the harness (collar) doesn't fit your dog or you have any other questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to exchange the products for more suitable ones. We will help you to choose and order the best equipment in our online dog store!

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