Swiss Mountain Dog

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Swiss Mountain Dog

Buy high quality dog harnesses for your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. The best materials, well-thought design, perfect customer service - you will find all of these at our Dog Harnesses Store. We provide our customers with fast shipping to the UK. If you can't choose a proper harness for your pet at this page, try to visit the other categories or contact us via e-mail
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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a friendly family pet and home guardian. But it was bred to work on a farm, so you should give Swissy a job to do. It can be a great athlete in such dog sports as obedience, weight pulling and agility.

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1. Studded dog harness H16

Hello Guy, The harness arrived yesterday, the scheduled day. The harness fits just right. It is really nicely made and looks like once we get use to it, it will be very useful. The dog's name is Mosley. Mosley wore the harness this morning on out 2 mile run, but did not pull anything yet. I don't know about Mosley, but I am looking forward to the training for us both to get him to pull and concentrate on the trail. Thank you for the wonderful equipment.

From: John, USA


2. Dog sport harness H12

Just would like to say what excellent quality your harness is....I will certainly be shopping at your website again and would definitely recommend your website to others. Thanks again!!!

From: Jackie, USA


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