Labrador Basket Muzzle Rubber Covered for Winter and Summer

Good evening, thank you very much for a quick and clear answer, I have followed the post office of Israel but not the post office of Switzerland that is why I am worried. My package arrived late in the morning without damage. The carton and the product inside were in good condition after all this trip. Jason will be pleased with the muzzle I ordered. He has already accepted it for walks and the muzzle does not disturb him. He can smell during walks like with the Baskerville muzzle on, but the nose padding is excellent. The muzzle is comfortable and honestly it is great. The size is ideal (neck strap is a bit large, but still suitable!). He can breathe much better than with the Baskerville on. In a word, thank you very much I am truly satisfied!

Kevin, Lausanne, Switzerland, 05/14/2020
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