Leather Harnesses UK

Padded Dog Harness Strong Dog Harness Large Dog Harness Dog Tracking Harness
Padded Dog Harness for Agitation Training
Save 10% Off
Strong Dog Harness for Pulling and Tracking

Large Dog Harness of Soft Padded Leather
Save 10% Off
Dog Harness for Easy Walking and Tracking

Handmade Dog Harness Fancy Dog Harness Designer Dog Harness Dog Walking Harness
Handmade Dog Harness in Design

Fancy Dog Harness with Hand Painting

Designer Dog Harness of Luxury Style

Dog Walking Harness of Studded Design

Guide Dog Harness UK Dog Chest Harness Guide Dog Harness Spiked Dog Harness
Guide Dog Harness in Black Leather

Strong Leather Dog Harness with Chest Plate

Guide Dog Harness in White Leather

Spiked Leather Dog Harness for Walk and Training

Little Dog Harness Soft Harness for Small Dogs Small Dog Harness Harness for Small Dogs
Little Leather Harness for Walking Small Dogs

Soft Leather Harness for Small Dogs Walking

Small Dog Harness with Royal Padding

Best Harness for Puppy and Small Dog

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How to Choose a Dog Harness?

The harness should fit your dog perfectly and to be chosen according your canine's power, temperament and breed. Besides, the choice of the harness depends also on its purpose of use (walking, service work, sport, training or dog support).

Rules of Choosing a Dog Harness:

1. Dog harness should be made of strong, hard-wearing, but soft, safe and pleasant to wear material.

2. It is better to choose the harness, which is adjustable. The buckle should be quick to release.

3. The harness should fit to the dog's body rather tightly to sit well, but not to hinder its movements
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