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Come: Advices for Training

If my master calls "Come" I'll leave everything and race against wind to him.

Do not run after the puppy. This causes it only to run away. Move away from the four-legged, then it will instinctively stay at heel.

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Come: Puppy comes on its own

Come is very easy to train as every puppy has a '"follow instinct". At first the pet will follow hard after you.

Call your puppy when it runs to you. Besides, call "Come!", then the most important, praise the pet enthusiastically. The "Come" must always be associated for your little fluffy pet with joy. So, praise enthusiastically and give periodically some dog treats. So you create trust. If your puppy doesn't come, stay patient.

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Come: Call the puppy

Now we try to call the animal, when it's not too far and not distracted. So, call and then the most important, raise enthusiastically. Little by little the puppy will come after one call more and more often.

Come: Call the puppy despite of distraction

If your puppy likes to come after call, then we will try to call it despite of diversion (e.g., the puppy is playing). If your puppy is carried away by the play and doesn't come, stay patient. Don't call x-times the command. Only 2 to 3 times. So, call and then the most important thing, praise.

It should be perfect, when the dog leaves everything and runs to you after every call. But don't be too exacting with your little four-legged.

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Come: Use a whistle

Eventually, the dog must be trained to a whistle. This can be the last rescue in a emergency. Our voice has only a small range. High frequency whistles are almost silent, as the human cannot hear high frequency sound, but dogs can. Dogs react primarily to sounds and acoustics. Using the dog whistle one can call the animal to come even if it's at a long distance.

But you should use the dog whistle very rarely in order your dog reacts well on it. So, use it only during training and in an emergency.

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