Agility Sport. What Does It Bring to Your Relations with a Dog?

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Agility is a kind of dog sport, which originated in 1978 in England and is connected with the name of John Warly. The meaning in English is "Speed", "Swiftness", "Skill". John Warly who did horse-racing decided to organise a competition, in which the dogs overcome different barriers and other gymnastic equipment by the order.

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Together with his friend Peter Minuell he developed the first programme for Agility to amuse the spectators, between two departments of dog show. This is a young dog sport, which one also calls as a kind of education. This dog sport is very popular, because there every dog can take part, not depending on the race, size and step of the physical training. The agility more than all other dog training types contributes to the formation of mutual understanding between the Dog and the Handler, every movement of the Handler teaches the dog to see fast, to concentrate rapidly the attention on the job without being distracted to different irritant factors (other dogs, people etc.). Thanks to the activity of dogs the agility is perceived by many dogs as a game and gives them a lot of pleasure. A town dog who spends most time without active physical load in the space will remain fit thanks to Agility.

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The most important job in Agility is to run quicker than all others at the same time overcoming different obstacles which one also calls gymnastic equipment. One divides the gymnastic equipment for Agility on contact zone devices (for example: The dog may not touch footbridge, a wall) and the contact free devices (these devices are hurdles, tyres). The dog should overcome the devices independently without a lead, but by the order and under the control of the Handler, who informs about his orders with the help of gestures and voice to the dog. Moreover, the dog may not touch the handler the dog and devices.

Agility UK

That is why one does not wear the collar for the competition. The dog may not be touched, may not be fed with delicacies, amused with toys or other objects. Coarse behaviour is also not permitted mutually to the dog , in particular physical punishments if the dog makes a little bit wrong or does not hear at the orders. The devices are always put in different places. No one may know the arrangement of the devices till the beginning of the competition. The judge allows the participants to become acquainted with the career shortly before the beginning of the competition, but without a dog. So the dog runs on the field the first time and should make it quick and perfect, so there are properly approx. 20 different obstacles to overcome (hurdles, slalom, seesaws, tunnels, tyres etc.). If the dog breaks the slats of the barriers or makes other mistakes, the dog gets the penal points, which influence the advantages in speed. The concept "Agility" is applied to all sports where the dog should overcome different obstacles. In the narrower sense of the word this concept means one or several disciplines which belong to Agility as a dog sport.
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