Prepare to Buy a Dog Harness

Before buying this accessory for your pet it is worth to examine the abundance of dog harnesses types that exist on the market today and to define for what purpose you buy a dog harness.

In general, the fundamental harness’s difference from a collar (and the main advantage) is that under certain loads (for example, when the dog pulls the leash) there is no compression of the animal’s respiratory tracts. Also the harness being opposite to a collar allows distributing more evenly the physical load on the musculoskeletal system of a dog.

First choosing a harness you should pay attention to the material from which it is made. For example, the leather harness is very strong and durable, but the leather stretches when it is wet and while drying it becomes harder and less durable.

Dog harnesses made of cloth have a number of disadvantages: the cloth is frail and short-lived, it quickly becomes wet and dirty and it is hard to wash it. However there is no magnification ratio in contrast to the leather material.

Nylon harness does not get wet, it is easy to wash, it has no magnification ratio, lasting and highly durable.

When you purchase the dog harness you should pay attention not only to the material from which it is made, but also on how this harness is stitched, look at the quality of riveting and fastening. The ring and buckle securing requires very careful examination. Ideally the ring must be cast. If the ring is welded, then pay attention to the quality of welding, it directly influences the quality of the product.

The manufacturers make on many rings the galvanic influx, which only gives the appearance of welding. Split rings exist too (i.e., the ends of the ring are not fastened). It will be better not to take the harnesses with such rings - they will serve before the first jerk of a large dog. Of course, for small breeds, for which the harness is just an accessory for a walk, the ring quality on the harness does not matter. Toy Terrier will walk both with welded ring and split-ring. But if the same German Shepherd strains itself hard, the split ring will turn to a piece of wire. Therefore, some manufacturers in order to stay sure supply the dog harness with two rings.

The next rather important point is connected with clasps (buckles). As a rule, for their production one uses metal, rare - plastic (for dog breeds). Metal fasteners (buckles) are mainly of two types - traditional (as on usual trouser belt) and the buckle as the length selector (it is also used with parachute straps and with military uniform). The last one, incidentally, is the most comfortable and durable.

So, you are sure with your choice, but there is a small "but": one must also take into account the age and the breed of your dog, and also the purpose of the harness. If you are going to work in the dog security service then you'll like the ordinary harness made of leather or nylon, well stitched and riveted with welded or cast ring. The same harness you can use on walks with the dog. If you want to increase the load for the dog, you should pay attention to the harness with the loads – it is the same harness, only specially-equipped with load pockets. Moreover, this harness allows you to adjust the level of the load: the amount of weights can be changed as needed.

If you are going to go in for dog tracking with your dog or non-sport towing, you'll need either a  leather  or nylon harness, equipped with three rings - two side and one top that can evenly distribute the load, depending on what your dog makes.

For the fans of sled sports (Skijoring, etc.) the special sled harness or pulling harness will be suited. Typically, it is made from durable nylon, its straps are thinner than by "classic" harnesses, and with all this it is multifunctional: comfortable, properly distributes the load on the body and musculoskeletal of an animal, it has special attachments that allow fastening the dog to the gear.

Most lucky are the decorative dogs’ owners, because for them it is not important from what material the harness is made. They may be concerned, perhaps, just of the way it is decorated - simple pattern, embroidery or sequins.

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