Dog Leash for a Harness

Dog Leash

We have to pay attention to the details speaking about such simple thing as leash. One should know that for dog training and for walking two leashes of the different lengths are needed:

short leash (about 2 m)
long leash (about 8 m)

One can select a nylon leash, or a leather leash. There are also chain leashes, but their use is impractical, they are more decorative.

Chain dog lead with leather handle

HS German Chain Lead with a Leather Handle

It is almost impossible to manage your pet with such dog leash. Leather leashes are more decorative thing speaking about the dog control. Leather dog leash needs special care because leather burst and tears when it gets wet. Leather leash consists of core and braid. With time, the braid stretches and begins to slide along the core, making the process of the management very difficult. If such dog leash gets wet, it becomes smooth.
It is quite reasonable to buy a nylon leash.

 L-Grip Training Leash, rubberized leash, rubberized lead

Such leash does not get wet; it is light and very durable

Do not buy a rough dog leash. You can "burn" your hands with it. Choose thick two-layer soft nylon. Choosing nylon dog leash you should pay attention to its width. The optimal width is about 20 mm (2 cm).
And of course any high quality dog leash should be sewn near the ring and the noose. It is better if the leash will be riveted in these places. The ring is to be welded and the hook with a swivel helps to prevent the leash from binding during the walk.

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