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Choose the Best Dog Collar for Your Pet

If you want to choose the best dog collar for your pet you should pay attention at such important points as quality, model, size, comfort, safety, durability and hard-wearing, because quality dog collar is a combination of all these characteristics. Is it possible to find such a dog collar? Yes, of course! Where to buy dog collars? In our online dog shop, which offers only top-quality dog collars for walking, training and even for dog shows! We use absolutely safe materials (genuine leather, nylon) and hypoallergic metals (steel, stainless steel, brass, curogan). Which one to choose depends on your purpose.

Nylon dog collar is the best dog accessory for all-weather dog walking and training. Nylon is water and wet resistant material, so your canine can even swim with nylon dog collar. Nylon dog collars are super durable, light-weighted and reasonably priced. See our best nylon dog collars.

Leather dog collar fits for dogs with tender skin perfectly. Moreover, our leather dog† collars are exclusive designer accessories that will lay emphasis on your pet and will make it a real star at every dog show!

Metal dog collar is suitable for strong and active dog handling, training, behavior correction, stop dog pulling and safe dog walking. See the collection of our metal dog collars.

If you have already chosen the dog collar for your pet, then you need to measure it correctly to order the right size. Follow our tips and you will size your dog in the right way without any problems!

If your dog doesn't like to wear the collar and you are sure that the collar is soft, convenient and doesn't cause any discomfort to the canine, this means you should train your pet to put on the collar by using proper methods. Make this process pleasant for your dog. How? Use the advice of experienced dog trainers. Here are some of them. When you are going for a walk with your dog be in no hurry trying to put on the dog collar.

First of all, come up to the dog, call its nickname and show the dog collar. Then let your doggie to sniff at the collar and only then put it on the dog. Stroke the dog when put on the collar, it will be more pleasant for the pet to "withstand" this procedure. As soon as the dog is already with the collar on, give it a delicacy and try to turn its attention with a game or its favorite dog toy. And don't forget to encourage the dog with a stroking or some dog treat when taken off the collar.

Read more info about how to train the dog to wear a dog collar.

See our dog toys for fun and joyful dog games.

Choose dog accessories to take care of your beloved pet!

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