How to Train a Dog to Wear a Collar

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Dog Collar with Pleasure?

You may seem it difficult to train your dog to wear a dog collar, but it`s not so when you use a proper methods. What are they? Let`s find out!

First, you come up to your dog, call its nickname, stroke and show it a dog collar. Then, let your pet to sniff at the collar. Your next step is to put the dog collar on your dog. It`s better to do it when stroking your pet. When the dog is already with the collar on, try to turn the dog`s attention to a game or a delicacy. In 3-5 minutes the collar is taken off and the dog is encouraged with a stroking and a dog treat.

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Repeat this procedure a few times, gradually increasing a response time of the dog with the collar. At that, follow closely that the collar was not tightened closely or excessively free (when the dog collar is put on correctly, you can pass freely two fingers between the collar and dog`s neck).

The dog is considered to be taught to a collar, when it stands still while you put on the dog collar and does not try to get rid of it.

The basic errors in training a dog to a collar:

1. Improper tightening of the dog collar (too tight or too loose);

2. Roughness, acridness when putting the collar on the dog;

3. Resorting to compulsion.

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