Dog Walking - How to Lead a Dog Correctly

How to Lead a Dog During a Walk?

When you`re going to walk your dog on a lead, remember, that the leash is intended not for pulling a pet as if it`s a toy car on a string.

Dog lead is an item for holding the pet where it`s forbidden to release it. The leash should give a dog enough free space to feel itself safe and comfortable. Thus, you should use simple communication signals to regulate dog`s behavior. For example, call your dog to come up to you by slapping on a foot. When the dog comes up you go further.

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The dog is a very intelligent animal. You should give it a chance to adapt for a street situation. The dog will learn to behave itself in appropriate way when people passing by, baby carriages go without having a stress of the commands and corrections of the owner and when feeling his support. The dog begins to understand that the cars are not dangerous even if they are noisy and flyer (when to adhere to the sidewalk).

If you want your dog to feel comfort when walks on the lead, than a dog harness will become your reliable helper. The advantages of the dog harness are the next: it won`t choke the dog when it pulls on the leash like a dog collar, it will distribute the loading over the dog`s body and help you to take your pet under reliable control.

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