Dog Collar or Dog Harness (Part 4)

Why Do We Still Use Collars Instead of Harnesses?

The Myth about Congenital Dog Savagery and Aggression

Many people consider for some reason, that a domestic dog has a wild and malicious nature and, having got rid of pain in the neck caused by a collar, the dog will turn into something uncontrolled and it will be impossible to walk it on a lead.

However dogs pull on the lead for various reasons. There are dogs, who aren`t trained to walk on the lead as they have no contact with the owner. There are dogs, who are afraid of walking alongside of the owner as the owner deals rough with them. There are dogs, who are walked very few and are trained so little that they "are drunk with happiness" when they are given an opportunity to leave the house. Such dogs are excessively excited on the street and pull on the lead. There are less socialized dogs, who didn`t learn to respond to their relatives calmly - and that`s why they pull on the leash with excitement.

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On the other hand, there are dog owners, which can`t respond to the dog`s behavior on the leash - and that`s why they are lost each time when the dog interrupts a usual walk "alongside" and responds a kind of differently. Many dog owners try to solve all these problems by means of pinch/prong collars turning a deaf ear to the dog pulling on the lead. What is interesting is that when starting to train the dog to walk on the leash, the dog owners teach their pets by means of suppression and manipulation at once - not because they consider these methods correct, but because they don`t know the alternative.

This alternative is that the dog owner should treat the dog so that it has taken being outside like something usual. The dog owner should teach the dog to control its emotions, and also should walk it on the lead like the living being and not like toy car on a string. In other words, if to walk the dog on the lead calmly, to keep the contact by an eye and a voice and to correct its speed by the voice, the dog will form the habit to walk alongside of the owner slowly without shooting ahead.

The dog lead in this case is only an assistive device to spot for the dog in the street, but not to force it to be beside even if it doesn`t want it. Having a good contact the dog takes care itself to keep up with the owner.

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To be continued...

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